A storm can wreak havoc on your yard, especially if you have trees in that yard. If you are expecting a storm in the near future, you should try to learn more about how storms can impact trees. That way, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Trees Can Lose Branches

Fierce winds can cause branches to be detached from a tree. If the winds are strong enough, they could send a very heavy branch hurtling to the ground. If your tree has a lot of large branches, you may want to have some of them trimmed before the next storm hits. We have a friend that does landscaping and they do a lot of clean up work of branch collection in addition to Spring and Fall cleanup on yards and properties.

Trees Can Catch On Fire from Lightning

If lightning happens to strike one of the trees in your yard, it could catch on fire. While this sort of thing is incredibly rare, it is still a smart idea to be prepared for it. You might want to have an arborist look at your trees. If a tree is sickly or dry, it will be more likely to catch fire.

Trees Can Be Pulled Out From The Ground

In the case of a tornado, a tree could actually be pulled out from the ground. If you live in an area that sees a lot of tornadoes, you may not want to have a large tree in your yard. Your best bet is to hire a tree service to remove the tree for you. They will ensure that the tree won’t cause any problems for you.

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other types of storms can all cause a lot of damage to trees. You should make sure that the trees in your yard won’t be damaged in any significant way. You should try to take a few precautions so that you can keep yourself — and your trees — completely safe.