Many people enjoy having trees on their properties as they add value and beauty to a home. But selecting a tree can be somewhat tricky, especially when you like a tree for its appearance but it may not be suitable for your site. Below are a few suggestions to consider before you buy trees for your property.

Consider How Much Effort You Would like To Put In
Certain trees are known for being inherently messy. They drop their leaves such as walnut and pecan tree, lots of fruit such as the Arizona ashes, female ginkgo’s, pecans, mulberries and oaks and their flowers such as the silver-leaf maples and cottonwoods. Other types of trees can drop their branches into the neighborhood in a windstorm such as the ornamental pears and cottonwoods and some of the pine trees drop their needles all over the place. Regardless of the mess, certain trees can cause, the ornamental value may be worth cleaning up for many homeowners.

Certain trees are also known for attracting issues with bugs. The golden raintrees are known for attracting boxelder bugs, while the Siberian elms can have all their leaves consumed by the elm-leaf beetles. Walnut and pecan trees can attract masses of webworms, while juniper trees are highly susceptible to cedar apple rust and bagworms. Be sure you know about these issues before choosing the right trees for your property.

Find Out Where You Can Go For The Best Advice
One of the most sought after methods of learning which tree will serve its best purpose on your property would be to ask a certified arborist at a tree service company, like the folks at Minnesota Tree Services ( that helped me with planting my birch trees. You can even contact a county horticulturist and inquire about recommended trees in your specific area. At the end of the day it really is your choice, but make sure you are prepared with the right information before going out and buying a tree.