I was just reading an article about having fun in the backyard, and I thought that it would be a good idea to put up a hammock. That is one of the great ways that you can enjoy trees on your property, too! Of course, not every hammock is put between two trees, and not every yard even has two trees close enough to each other to do so. Yet, it does sound like one perfect plan for making use of trees in your yard for fun and relaxation.

Another great idea for having fun with trees in your yard is to build a tree house. If you have kids, this can be the perfect ongoing project. Usually people don’t build a tree house without having kids of course, but even if you don’t have kids, maybe you have other family that comes over often or grandchildren that would enjoy a tree house. Any excuse you have to get out there and have fun building a tree house is good enough, as it will be fun for you, too.

It’s also fun planting new trees on your property. Do you have any fruit trees in your yard? It would be cool to plant one and take care of it until it starts producing fruit. You can research what other kinds of trees would be good to plant in your yard, and you can also be increasing the value of your home at the same time. It’s also fun when spring hits to get out there and trim your trees.

Trees also bring all kinds of birds to your yard, as well as squirrels and other fun creatures to watch. Maybe you’re ready to build that tree house, hang that hammock, plant a new tree or perhaps you’ve thought of another idea that you’d like to undertake.