Nothing is prettier than a properly landscaped lawn. Landscaping your lawn will not only increase the curb appeal of your property but will also increase your home’s value. The following article will teach you how to landscape your home with beautiful trees and bushes.

When it comes planting trees in your landscape, there are several things to consider, including the size of the trees, the type of the trees and the color of the foliage.

The trees should be planted away from your home to prevent damage to your home’s foundation. Research each tree that you will be planting to determine how wide the roots of the tree will spread from its base. If you cannot find information on the spread of the roots, a good way to determine the approximate width of the roots is by looking at the branch width. The roots generally spread to the furthermost width of the tree branches.

When you get ready to plant a tree, you will need to dig a hole that is twice as wide as the root ball and several inches deeper than the ball itself. Loosen the dirt in the bottom of the hole to help the get established. Place a couple of inches of dirt into the hole and then gently cut away the burlap surrounding the root ball. Place the tree in the hole and begin backfilling the hole using the dirt you removed from the hole. Tamp down the dirt around the tree as you go to help support the tree. Finally, once the hole is filled, water slowly but thoroughly every two days until the tree is established.

Trees add dimension and interest to your landscape. They provide shade to the area and provide enjoyment. Trees will provide a home for wildlife in your yard, filling the outdoors with a variety of birds, squirrels, and other wildlife.